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Look at mindfulness courses you can take with Mindful Road and move towards balance in your life
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Look at mindfulness courses you can take with Mindful Road and move towards balance in your life

Link to the Be Mindful websiteShelly is registered as a teacher of mindfulness on the 'Be Mindful' website www.bemindful.co.uk supported by the Mental Health Foundation

BBC News Health about how the mind deals with stress and what you  we can do to helpThe BBC looks at the question 'Can we change the way the brain deals with stress?

A great video introduction to how Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction (MBSR) can change lives.

4 year Certificate of Competence to Teach, at Bangor University School

Shelly Arkless founder of The Mindful Road and  Teacher of Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction
For all enquiries please call Shelly on:

Landline: 01922 492990
Mobile Phone: 07891 905960
Email: shelly@themindfulroad.co.uk

Take your first step towards true Mindfulness. The Mindful Road brings you Walsall and West Midlands based MBSR (Mindful Based Stress Reduction) workshops and courses that offer great value for money and invaluable knowledge that can turn your life around.

MBSR Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction from The Mindful Road, see what people think about the courses
If you want to see what people think about our Mindfulness-based courses, then please take a look for yourself on our course endorsements page.

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